Thursday, June 01, 2006

Panchadasi-Chapter 1-Verses 39

Hari Aum

Prostrations to my Guru. Prostrations to All.


li~Ngabhaane sushhuptau syaad aatmano bhaanam anvayaH .
vyatirekas tu tad bhaane li~Ngasya aabhaanam uchyate .. 39..

Similarly, in the state of deep sleep, the subtle body is not perceived, but the Self invariably witnesses that state. While the Self persists in all states the subtle body is not perceived in deep sleep and it is called variable factor.

In this sloka the subtle body and the causal body are analyzed. During the waking state, the mind and the sense organs are active by the illumination of the Consciousness gives the existence of the body. During the dream state there is no body but only the mind functioning. But during deep sleep, even the mind is not there and what exists is only Bliss. It is the mind that makes us to see the dream during the sleep, and it is because of the Consciousness that illumines the mind to see the dream. In deep-sleep there is no experience at all. The mind merges into the cause but ignorance still exists. Once the person wakes up he says “I don’t know anything during the sleep, but I slept happily”. This thought of not knowing is also illumined by the Consciousness. Thus the Consciousness is the substratum of every experience. During the dream state the subtle body exists and during the deep sleep there is no subtle body either, but the Consciousness still exists, this is anvaya. The Consciousness exists even when there is no subtle, this is vyathireka. Consciousness thus stays as the witness of everything.

Anvaya: when the subtle body is not there, the Self is there
Vyathireka: The Self is present, even in the absence of the subtle body.

Prostrations to all

Hari Aum



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