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Panchadasi-Chapter 1-Verses 27 and 28

Hari Aum

Prostrations to my Guru. Prostrations to All.


dvidhaa vidhaaya ch aik aika.n chaturdhaa prathamaM punaH .
sva svetara dvitiiya a.nshair yojanaat pa~ncha pa~ncha te .. 27

Dividing each element into two equal halves and one half of each again into four (equal parts) the lord mixed the subtle elements so that each gross element thus formed should contain once half of its own peculiar nature and one eighth of that of each of the other four


tair aNDas tatra bhuvana bhogya bhogaashray odbhavaH .
hiraNyagarbhaH sthuule .asmin dehe vaishvaanaro bhavet.h
taijasaa vishvataa.n yaataa deva tirya~N naraadayaH .. 28..

From these composite element the cosmic egg arose, and for it evolved all the worlds as well as all the objects of experience and the bodies in which the experience take place. When the HiranyagarBha identifies himself with the totality of gross bodies he is known as Vaisvaanara, when Taijasa do so with the individual gross bodies (e.g.) of the devas, men or lower animals, they are known as Visvas.

In this sloka Vidyaranya tells about the creation of the gross body from the five elements. The five elements undergoes a process called Panchikarana and from the gross body is created. Each element is divided into two halves, one half of that again gets divided into 4 which will be other 4 elements.

Sky = ½ Sky + 1/8 air + 1/8 water + 1/8 fire + 1/8 earth
Air = ½ Air + 1/8 sky + 1/8 water + 1/8 fire + 1/8 earth
Water = ½ Water + 1/8 air + 1/8 sky + 1/8 fire + 1/8 earth
Fire = ½ Fire + 1/8 air + 1/8 water + 1/8 sky + 1/8 earth
Earth = ½ Earth + 1/8 air + 1/8 water + 1/8 fire + 1/8 sky

Thus through the process of Panchikarana, the gross body is formed. The world stayed as unmanifested in Isvara and gets manifested at the subtle level in HiranyagarBha. This again gets manifested in the gross level as various worlds and the objects of the experience. Thus through the power of Maya the world of names and forms are created for the Jivas to experience them. When HiranyagarBha identifies with the totality of the gross body he is known as Vaisvaanara or virat. When Taijasa identifies with the gross body, he is called Visvaas thus the individual gross body as deva or animal or man. Jiva experiences these objects of the world which are the creation of Maya through the sense organs and hence enjoys them as per his desires. The world and the objects of the world are the created by Isvara through the power of Maya and hence are only an illusion in the Reality which shouldn’t be forgotten at any time. But because of ignorance of ones own nature, the Jiva sees these objects of the world and gets identified with them thus experiencing pleasure and pain. When overcomes the ignorance by realizing ones own nature of the Self, he sees everything as ones own Self and not as objects and hence all the sorrows and sufferings also vanishes thus rejoicing only in the Eternal Bliss.

Prostrations to all

Hari Aum



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