Thursday, May 25, 2006

Panchadasi-Chapter 1-Verses 31 and 32

Hari Aum

Prostrations to my Guru. Prostrations to All.


sat karma paripaakaat te karuNaa nidhin oddhR^itaH .
praapya tiira taru chchhaayaa.n vishraamyanti yathaa sukham.h .. 31..

When the good deeds performed by them in past bear fruit, the worms enjoy rest being lifted from the river by compassionate person and placed under the shade of a tree on the bank.


upadesham avaapy aivam aachaaryaat tattva darshinaH .
pa~ncha kosha vivekena labhante nirvR^itiM paraam.h .. 32..

Similarly, the Jivas (finding themselves in the whirlpool of Samsaara), receive the appropriate initiation from a teacher who himself has realized Brahman, and differentiating the Self from its five sheaths attain the supreme bliss of release.

The true nature of the Jiva is only Pure Consciousness, but because of the ignorance the Jiva doesn’t know its nature. The ignorance is only an illusion in the Reality. So because of ignorance the Self seems to be veiled and hence because of the ignorance the objects of the world seem to be real. When the discrimination between the real and unreal object is lost, then comes the desire on the mind through the modification of likes and dislikes and to fulfill these desires, actions are performed. Also because of ignorance one has a thought that “I am doing this”, “This is mine” etc. Thus identification of oneself with the worldly objects through the desires and fulfilling it through the action makes one go from birth to birth and ultimately giving only sorrow. The only solution to overcome these is realizing ones own nature of the Self which is ever blissful. The world and its objects are only illusion and hence are not real. They will vanish at a period of time but the Self which is substratum of the world is the ever Existent and which is of the nature of Bliss.

The doer of the action enjoys the results of the action. If we experiencing happier moments, it is the result of good deeds done before and if we are experiencing sorrowful moments it is the result of the bad deeds done before. The happier moments that we experience out of the good deed done in the past are not permanent, it stays as long as the results exhaust. Meeting mahatmas, learning scriptures are the results of the good deeds done in the previous births.

The goal of everyone is only happiness which stays ever permanent. The happiness that we get from the objects of the world is not permanent and hence will vanish at a point. As it is understood from the previous slokas, Self is the Supreme object of love and only Self can give the permanent happiness as the very nature of the Self is Bliss. The samsaara that we seem to experience is only the outcome of the ignorance of ones own nature of Self. Therefore we have to strive to get that permanent happiness by realizing ones own nature of Self. On understanding this, we have to approach a competent Guru who has established in Brahman to crossover this vicious circle of Samsaara. The compassionate Guru helps the student in realizing ones own nature of Self to attain the Supreme Bliss by differentiating the Self from the five sheaths.

Prostrations to all

Hari Aum



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