Monday, June 26, 2006

Panchadasi-Chapter 1-Verses 55 and 56

Hari Aum

Prostrations to my Guru. Prostrations to All.


dhyaatR^i dhyaane parityajya kramaad dhyeyaika gocharam.h .
nivaata diipavach chitta.n samaadhir abhidhiiyate .. 55..

When the mind gradually leaves off the ideas of the meditator and the act of meditation and is merged in the sole object of meditation (viz. the Self), and is steady like the flame of a lamp in a breezeless spot, it is called super-conscious state (Samadhi)


vR^ittayas tu tadaaniim aj~naataa apy aatma gocharaaH .
smaraNaad anumiiyante vyutthitasya samutthitaat.h .. 56..

Though in Samadhi there is no subjective cognition of the mental function having the Self as its object, its continued existence in that state is inferred from the recollection after coming out of Samadhi.

Mind, by nature, is extroverted. As the mind goes extroverted into the seemingly existing world, all the objects of the world are seen different from oneself and the experiences from these objects of the world seems to be real and thus remains bonded to the world. The extroverted mind has to be turned inward towards the spiritual heart. By learning about the Reality for a length of time from a competent Guru and by reflecting these teachings in the mind and logically applying these teachings in the mind, all the doubts of the mind will be cleared. When all the doubts are cleared in the mind, the mind becomes calm and will be free from all agitations. Only a calm mind which is free from all the doubts can constantly contemplate on the Reality.

When one has the constant contemplation on the Self, he verily merges into the non-dual Self. When one merges into the Self, the seeker goes beyond all the limitations and thus always revels in the state of bliss. A mind which always revels in the Self, is free from all limitations and the bondages and there is no return back to the bondage for such a seeker. A seeker, whose mind is firmly established in the Self, sees only the Self everywhere and always revel only the Ultimate Bliss of the Self. So, whether such a person does action in the world or not, he always revels in the Self only. This state where the seeker has constant contemplation on the Self, sees only Self in everything whether he seems to be doing action or not, is called Sahaja Samadhi. Ramana calls this state as Jagrat Sushupthi.

Prostrations to all

Hari Aum



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